The Fees of Personal Injury Attorney in Stuart FL


It may not be your fault, but you would be facing a severe injury due to an accident. It is best to hire a lawyer to sue compensation for the injuries and loss. The personal injury lawyers ensure to fight for their clients and try to get reasonable and fair insurance settlements.

Some people wonder how much they charge. It will remain confusing till the final verdict. Some lawyers will say clearly their amount or percentage of final compensation they are expecting as fees. It is best to hire transparent and experienced lawyers. It will be shocking if the lawyer does not share his/her fee from the start and finally gives you a huge bill. When it comes to making payments, ensure to remain transparent and ask clearly before starting the case.

Types of fees

The last minute surprises are dangerous, and it can mostly happen when you have to settle your lawyer’s fees. Ensure to find out their fees as early as possible and then decide when you can give your case or not to the lawyer. Most experienced lawyers will pass their fees and charges in terms of writing. In some states, the attorneys experienced in personal injury laws will ask to pay before taking the case. There are three kinds of fees for personal injury lawyer. They are hourly, retainer and contingency. Each of the fees methods are explained in the following.

Hourly fees

The attorney dealing with personal injury Stuart FL cases charges on an hourly basis. For example, if you are requesting to appear or help for particular time or hours, then the attorney will calculate the amount and charge the fees accordingly.


It will be paid in advance before handling the case. It will be agreed by both the attorney and the client.


The attorney will charge only if he/she wins the case. It is the major payment system followed by a majority of personal lawyers.